Welcome to Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Bible Seminary School of Christian Education Inc, a non- profit Christian Bible Seminary school, in Omaha, Nebraska. We are  offering Christ centered  Bible Seminary Christian education. The first priority of the school is passing on the teaching of Christ, that say, unless someone go to the people, who need the word of God, people will not  be able to learn the word of God both for students and for faculty. Our school open its door to the  Sudanese in October, 2009, where we graduated our first class of students in Biblical studies.Our second group of students who enrolled in our Spiritual Growth classes started last may of 2013.. They completed their studies  in  Spiritual Growth  on September 30th, 2013. We are a school that thrives to bring God's word to people who want to change the world for Christ. Enroll now in our Christian leadership classes and expect to get your Certificate of Completion in less than six months. And on behalf of our students, faculty and the board of directors, I welcome you into our school through our website, knowing that your visit to our website would mean something big in the kingdom of God, if you can make a decision to enrol in one of our programs of studies, you will change the world for Christ now, and in the years to come. Again, thank you for visiting our website, please take few minutes and tell us how we can improves our website, so that your visit next time you come back again.  Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk, is the founder of the following Ministries, Church, and Television station:

  1. Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Bible Seminary School of Christian Education WWW.LUKBIBLESEMINARYSCHOOL-EDUCATION.ORG
  2. Luk's Christian Hope Ministry outreach Inc. 
  3. Christ Broadcasting Television Network Inc. CBTN. WWW.CBTN.ORG
  4.  The Bible Institute Church of All Nations TBI-COAN. WWW.TBI-COAN.ORG

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